ArchLinux Webmin Adventure in PogoPlug Land

Gah. Decided to install Webmin on my PogoPlug Mobile – which is running ArchLinuxArm v5, incidentally – and spent a good hour or so trying to figure out why I couldn’t access the interface…

The installation is quite simple,

  1. As root, “pacman -Sy webmin perl-net-ssleay” to install the packages
  2. Tell webmin what IPs to listen on, “nano /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf” and add a line at the end which reads “allow=” (making webmin accessible from any IP from to, “allow=” (if you want to allow access from any IP – not recommended), or some variation of those.
  3. Enable and Start the webmin service using systemctl – “systemctl enable webmin” then “systemctl start webmin”

With those steps completed, webmin will start during the normal boot process. To access the interface, point your web browser to https://(name or ip of your arch device):10000.

That’s where I encountered a problem. Any browser trying to access the interface would return an SSL protocol error. systemctl showed the service as active with no errors, so everything was nice and confusing. Even after a full reboot, the error persisted.


And now: the stupid solution.

Even though the service wasn’t started until AFTER I modified the configuration, and even though I REBOOTED the system, the Webmin service still needed to be stopped and restarted using systemctl. Don’t ask me why.

  1. As root, “systemctl stop webmin”.
  2. “systemctl start webmin”.

After that, everything worked just hunky dory. Blah.