And The Beat Goes On

steeeempyGreetings from thousands of miles beneath the Earth’s crust! I bring you blessings from the Lava Men and an update on my ongoing goings-on.

I’m really getting into the workflow for my content curation/blogging activities. I’m so pleased with it, in fact, that I’ve added two more streams:

Security Sausage Spectacular covers all things computer security related: products and services; concepts; exploits; authentication and identification; forensics; recovery; and, of course, hacking the Gibson.

Hardware Hackery Hootenanny provides information about making, modding, and messing with just about everything, but mostly electronics. I have the Maker bug and the “take everything apart” plague, so there will be a lot of teardowns and blah.

I do have a gripe with my current setup: it makes traffic analytics a pain. That’s not’s fault, really; I’m using the free account right now and my posts on other social networks link to the pages, who in turn link to the target article… Since can only tell me if someone clicked my link, and not if someone +1‘ed it or Liked it, I’m not seeing a full accounting of traffic or response. There’s a pro account option, costing around $13 US I think, that offers more perks; I’ll have to check and see what it offers. Ultimately I want to export my content to my own domain, and that’s an option for the pay accounts.

Keep watching the skies…