Update On Life, The Universe, and Everything

As you can see by the big jump between post dates, I haven’t been tending to my personal site. Apologies for that. My blogging and social media efforts have been spread across many separate platforms and without a plan for keeping them all synchronized; not a strategy I would recommend.

Recently, however, I was pointed to a content curation platform called Scoop.it. (Thanks Anne-Marie!) This platform shifts the goal from authoring to curation; the task is not to write an article, but to share a link and (perhaps) add insight. The difference between writing a blog article and “scooping” with added commentary may not be obvious right away, but I can tell you that it is psychologically very different. I may even write an article describing the experience…

For now, though, I’ll invite you to view my UX-related topic on Scoop.it:

UX Wins, Fails, and WTFs