Voter Data Breach Update

Well well well, the privacy breach at Elections Ontario is worse than expected.

The Chief Elections Officer initially stated that the memory sticks were encrypted and that there was no evidence that the data had been accessed.  Twenty-four hours later we’re told that they were not encrypted (!!!) but they’re still confident that the data have not been accessed…

Oh, and we’re now up to a possible 25 ridings affected, not just 24.

I wrote about the questionable logic behind the “we’re pretty sure nothing’s been accessed” concept in my last post, so I won’t go over it again.

Elections Ontario needs to improve their communication on this breach.  I went to their official site to get more information about the affected ridings, but they are unsure (or unwilling to disclose) which 24/25 were definitely affected out of a list of 49 potentially affected ridings.  Okay, let’s see the list of 49 potentially affected ridings…

Oh, an Excel Spreadsheet

An Excel Spreadsheet???  Is it really that difficult for them to append the riding names to the press release, or are they just trying to make the information less obvious?

Oy vey.