Playstation 3 Slim Penny Debacle

For the past month I’ve been purchasing damaged or defective electronics off of eBay for repair and resale.  I thought I’d mention an interesting repair story…  Well, it was interesting to me.

I purchased a PS3 Slim from SurplusByDesign for much less than $100.  The device was said to be working perfectly except for a Blu-ray drive that refused to read any discs, Blu-ray or otherwise.  The unit was in great shape (some minor scratches on the plastic casing) but it was perfectly functional otherwise.  I opened it up with some help from the iFixit teardown guide, pulled the drive, then disassembled the drive to reveal

A penny sitting on a blu-ray laser.

A penny sitting on a blu-ray laser.

Somehow a 2011 Canadian penny had found its way into the drive and sat directly on the laser.  Thankfully the laser’s vibration damping structure lets it move up and down, so the penny wasn’t grinding against any discs in the drive.  I took the penny (and kept it for posterity), cleaned the laser, and put the whole thing back together.

Everything’s working perfectly, now.  If only it were always this easy!